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Our services are bespoke, just for your business. We provide a complete office solution, from remote working apps to catering to your telephony needs. Our Ola Desk is equipped with some of the proven services across the globe to make your staff happy to work from anywhere – home, office, park, subway. You get the picture.

Our Telephony product includes Wholesale voice – both CLI and Non CLI, Direct and Indirect routes. Retail Voice – Aggressive cost that we have negotiated for your Retail traffic only. Call Centre Traffic – We cater for several call centre customers across the globe.



Consumer services focussed on great savings with great quality. Nothing else is acceptable. with our portfolio of ANI / CLI based services for individuals to App based Social Media services, our Retail Customers are covered for all their needs.  We also help individuals to become entrepreneurs and setup their own reseller business over our backbone of services.



Setup your own business with no capital cost. Whether you want to sell to your community, or to Small Businesses or to Individuals.  Our reseller service can setup your business in no time with you in full control of what you offer and what you pay.  Contact our Sales team to find out more.